Every day a beautiful smile and healthy teeth, don’t you want that too?

With regular check-ups and good preventive care, nice and healthy teeth are available for everyone. In the unlikely event that an acute problem should arise, we will quickly provide a sustainable solution with attention to aesthetics.

In addition to general dentistry, we are specialized in dental beauty and alignment. We also support jaw & chew  problems (gnathology) and sleep improvement (apnea and snore solutions).

If you are not yet a client of ours, drop by to get acquainted, give us a call or go directly to the ‘subcription page’.

La Clinique, friendly, punctual, affordable1, sustainable2 and with an eye for beauty3.


Hans Man in ‘t Veld your dentist

Update for clients

Dentist Hans Man in ’t Veld is present at the practice at all regular opening hours. Our hygiene protocol has been adapted to the rules of conduct that fit the Corona pandemic. By adjusting our schedule, the distance between clients In our reception lounge always remains more than sufficient.
If you experience a dental problem do not hesitate and call me, together we will discuss how we can help you safely, quickly and well
. In most of the cases waiting will make the problem bigger. Don’t punish yourself unnecessary.

1 Treatment rates are limited by the government (NZA2019)
2 Click to our before / after photo album
3 Click to the innovation