Every day a beautiful smile and healthy teeth, don’t you want that too?

With regular check-ups and good preventive care, nice and healthy teeth are available for everyone. In the unlikely event that an acute problem should arise, we will quickly provide a sustainable solution with attention to aesthetics.

In addition to general dentistry, we are specialized in dental beauty and alignment (Invisalign partner). We also support jaw & chew  problems (gnathology) and sleep improvement (apnea and snore solutions).

If you are not yet a client of ours, drop by to get acquainted, give us a call or go directly to the ‘subcription page’.

La Clinique, friendly, punctual, affordable1, sustainable2 and with an eye for beauty3.


Hans Man in ‘t Veld your dentist

1 Treatment rates are regulated by the government (NZA2022)
2 Click to our before / after photo album
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Our appointment and welcome procedure

Our work routine has been brought into line with the new reality to minimize the risks for you and for us. You will receive a reminder e-mail from us a few days before your appointment. It is important that you inform us on forehand of corona risks in regard to your health situation and your family/living environment.

If you A:

  • recognize symptoms of Corona in yourself during the past 24 hours (fever (> 38 degrees), cough, cold, shortness
  • of breath, loss of smell or taste)
  • have had a housemate with these complaints in the past two weeks
  • recovered less than two weeks ago from corona
  • are in home isolation, please contact us directly by telephone.

If you B:

  • feel healthy
  • had corona but have been free of complaints for more than two weeks, your appointment will continue.

What we ask and expect from you during the appointment:

  • According to the corona protocol, dental practices are not public indoor spaces. We therefore do not have an obligation for clients to use face masks in our practice. We do recommend that you wear a face mask if several people are present in the lounge.
  • Before the treatment, please disinfect your hands with the product that is ready in the lounge and dry your hands with tissues.
  • Then touch as little as possible, including your mobile!
  • Please follow the routing to the treatment chair when we pick you up from the lounge.
  • Avoid using our toilet as much as possible. If you still want to use it, please report this to the assistant / practitioner.
  • At the treatment chair we give you a mouthwash that you can use to rinse your mouth for at least 30 seconds.

 La Clinique precautions:

  • Standard use of mouth masks, surgical gloves,  and haircovers by employees.
  • We disinfect the treatment environment after each client
  • New set of sterile instruments for each subsequent treatment