Our Clinic


In case of an emergency you can almost always come the same day!


The costs that a Dutch dentist may charge are bound by the rates as set by the Dutch government. Dental care for your children up to the age of 18 is included  in your Dutch health insurance policy.

Keep us informed

Every appointment has a specific purpose  (a check-up, a targeted treatment or a cleaning session). This method guarantees the best quality for your money. Of course, everything can have happened between the time of the previous appointment and now. We can work most effectively if you inform us of changes/specific needs  before the next appointment so that we can provide the necessary care.

Start early

Everyone from the age of two is welcome with us. Regular checks and preventive treatments have an essential influence on the quality of your teeth. Fortunately, radical treatments are therefore becoming less common.

No worries

If you have a damaged tooth, anesthesia will ensure that you do not feel or notice anything about the treatment.

Best techniques

We are not only well-trained, we are also enthusiastic about our profession. We go to congresses and education programs with pleasure and interest. Our work is also our hobby  and our customers benefit from it every day. If you have any questions about developments in dental care, do not hesitate to ask them, you will always receive a clear answer about the how and why of treatment methods and the alternatives.

Examples of our common treatments

Dental check, dental cleaning, dental strengthening (fluorine, coating and sealing), dental impressions (for bits for your sport, for bleaching treatments) crowns, bridges and implants (new steel root), 360 degree overview photography (photos and X-rays), polishing and bleaching, filling, renovating and restoration with color-fitting filler material, brace treatment (orthodontics), jaw and chew advice, snoring and breathing solutions (gnatology) and second opinions ……….

Special interests and skills in our team

Ghizlane Aarab specializes in apnea, jaw and chewing problems and the restoration of worn or crumbled teeth. Hans Man in ’t Veld is the crown, bridge and invisalign professional of the team. Invisalign is a discreet, painless and invisible way to straighten teeth using a series of custom-made, virtually undetectable aligners.Our dental hygienist and prevention assistants ensure that your teeth remain clean and healthy, and they provide instructions where necessary.